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Our faculty, fellows, and institute leadership come together to find digital orthodontic solutions that move the art and science of this field forward. Together, we design far more than the perfect smile. We bring together the best minds and precision tools in order to challenge conjecture and engineer more elegant and exacting practices.


Enlightenment isn’t a project, it’s a process, one that propels discovery and invention. It is the fire that drives progress and unlocks individual liberty, our most treasured asset. The SureSmile Academy of Digital Orthodontics seeks to advance the field of orthodontics using cutting edge technology to make a difference in the lives of doctors, patients, and staff around the world.


sureU is a digital orthodontic institute, providing education, resources, and support across all areas of orthodontics. Our community, differentiated by their expertise in digital orthodontics, work with certified doctors utilizing one-on-one case review and clinical coaching. The institute serves a cadre of doctors, faculty, and staff in five continents worldwide.

Faculty Feature Showcase

Dr. Alex Yusupov
Dr. Alex Yusupov
Dr. Yusupov completed his Bachelor of Dental Science in 1989 and completed his Masters of Dental Science in 1992, both at the University of Melbourne. He has had a long-standing interest in Adult and Children’s Orthodontics, particularly in complex interdisciplinary treatments. Alex is a clinical board member of the Melbourne Seattle Study Club, a clinical supervisor for orthodontic post-graduate student at the University of Melbourne and is a member of the suresmile faculty and clinical advisory board.

July 2018 Faculty Feature

Q&A with Dr. Alex Yusupov

Editor’s note: Dr. Alex Yusupov of Melbourne, Australia is one of our rising stars in the SureSmile community. He is one of our fastest adopters, having converted his practice to 100 percent suresmile in less than 3 years! Not only has he embraced our brand of digital orthodontics, he is now leading the way with his innovative use of the technology. His clinical brilliance combined with his penchant for exploring the full capabilities of new technologies is setting new standards of care for the digital orthodontic community. Dr. Yusupov recently joined the SureSmile training faculty. He now regularly conducts training sessions and webinars for new SureSmile doctors, and lectures on behalf of SureSmile throughout Australia and internationally. Dr. Yusupov was a featured speaker at the 2018 SureSmile | elemetrix conference held last February in Fort Worth, Texas. Towards the end of the conference, we were able to carve out a few minutes with him for an informal chat.

A transcript of this interview follows.

How did you come to choose orthodontics as your profession?

I was born in the former USSR and we immigrated to Australia when I was 13 years old.

I finished high school in Australia and then I went to Melbourne University for my dentistry undergraduate degree. During my last year in the program, a professor West taught our class about orthodontics for a few weeks.

The first time we met as a group he put some models on the table and he asked the students to come up with a treatment plan. It was a model of a young girl who had an impacted canine and upper midline shift. I don’t know why I wasn’t asked first, but then the professor presented his treatment plan and I disagreed with him. He asked me why. I said, “Well your treatment plan leaves the upper midline where it is, whereas if you track on the opposite side and move the midline across and then bring this impacted canine down, that would be a better treatment plan. After that apparently he went into the graduate clinic and said, ‘See this young kid, he knows more about orthodontics than I do.’ Then he just kept an eye on me. So when he found out that I got top of the year he came out and said, ‘I was waiting for you to do well and now I’m offering you a position if you want to take it.’”

After I finished my exams Professor West approached me and said that I should go into orthodontics. At first, I said, “No, I want to be an oral surgeon.” He replied, “No trust me, you want to be an orthodontist.”

I reconsidered, and after 12 months of private practice, I started my orthodontic training. It was a three-year program back then.

What I probably should say is that he really changed my life. He recognized that this is exactly what I would love doing. To this day I am so grateful to Professor West. I think I would have been a lousy surgeon. I love being an orthodontist.

Read the rest of the interview at www.suresmileu.com/news

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